I have damage from the storm, what should I do?

First, make sure your home is secure and assess your damage. We recommend that you take photos of the loss and then, if necessary, make temporary repairs such as having trees removed, the roof tarped, the home dried out, etc. It is your responsibility to protect your property from further damage. Please save any invoices and present those to the adjuster.

Once your claim is called in, you will hear from an adjuster. If your home needs to be inspected, we will assign this to a field adjuster who will contact your directly to schedule an appointment.

When is my adjuster coming?

We are working as quickly as possible to address and inspect all of the claims. You should be contacted by Western National within 24 hours of submitting your claim. A field adjuster will then contact you directly to schedule an appointment with you. If you have not heard from your field adjuster within 48 hours, please contact our office at (800) 862-6070. The date of your inspection depends on the schedule of the field adjuster and your availability, so it is important that you work with the field adjuster directly.

What happens at an inspection?

The field adjuster will inspect your property and take photographs of the damage. We recommend that you point out any areas of concern that you have, such as damage to the exterior or interior of your home, damage to any other structures such as fences or shed, damage to any tress, or damage to personal property.

Please provide the field adjuster with any receipts, invoices, or additional information that is pertinent to your claim.

My inspection took place, what’s next?

The adjuster will inspect your property and then will compile a report which includes the photos that were taken and an estimate to complete the repairs. That report will be submitted to Western National, and it will be reviewed in the order it is received.

Once reviewed, you will be contacted about the claims settlement and a check will be issued. We will provide you with a breakdown of the payment along with a copy of the adjuster’s estimate. The check and the paperwork will arrive separately.

We recommend you take time to review the paperwork in full and then, should you have additional questions, reach out to the adjuster after your review.

When will I get a check?

We are working as quickly as possible to process your claim. We hope to process your report within 7 days of receipt. Claims are being processed in the order that they are received. Once a check is issued, please allow 7-10 days for mailing.

Why is the mortgage company on the payment?

We are required to include the mortgage company on payments for real property, such as your dwelling and outbuildings. Every mortgage company handles endorsement of checks a little bit different, so it is important that you reach out to them directly to find out about their specific endorsement procedures.

What if I get a contractor estimate that is higher than what the insurance company wrote?

First, an estimate is just that – an estimate. We do our best to include all of the damage in our report, but occasionally, there are differences in the price or the scope of the repairs.

Please provide a copy of our adjuster’s estimate to your contractor. If the contractor does not agree to our estimate, we ask that you provide a copy of your contractor’s estimate to us. Any claim for supplemental damage must be approved prior to the repairs being completed.

What is recoverable depreciation?

Recoverable depreciation is taken initially if you have replacement cost coverage on your policy. You may make a claim for the withheld depreciation once the repairs are complete. We require a final invoice for repairs showing the amount it cost to complete the repairs or replace the property. You must advise us that you are intending to repair the property within 180 days from the date of the loss.

Where can I send information about my claim?

Please email pc.claims@wnins.com. It is important that you include your 10-digit claim number in the subject line, and on any documentation, to ensure it gets to your file.

You can also fax information to (952) 921-3153.


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